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Public Environment Protection Double Wood Trash Can with Roof(HHK-15006)

  • HHK-15006

  • Happy Island - Childhood Dream

  • 95069900

  • 91*47*90 cm

  • School playground, kindergarten playground, amusement park, public park, housing land, construction company, residential area, shopping mall, family back yard, etc..

  • Cotton fabric & plastic films . (seaworthy standard export packing).

  • wooden and metal

  • 12 months

  • 15 days

  • 1 PC or 1 Set Per Item, Total Amount No Less Than $5000.

  • Guangzhou, China

  • ISO9001:2008; ISO14001:2004; OHSAS18001:2007; WSCT, GS/TUV, CE, TUV, CE, etc.


Product Description

Happy Island_Guangzhou Childhood Dream Produces and Sales Public Enviorment Protection Sorted Waste Container/Wood Trash Can On Stock.

Technical Data Sheet



Item No.: HHK-15006
Size: 91*47*90 cm
Package: carton, 1 pc into a carton.

Industrial galvanized steel board, upper cover the whole stretch forming,
Main body board thickness 1.0mm,  standing post 50*100mm galvanized steel post, thickness 1.2mm. Base plate: thickness 1.0mm the whole stretch forming. Liner: LLDPE 

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1. Upper cover and main body adopted electrolytic galvanized sheet, the better anti-corrosion than general cold-roll steel sheet;
2. Upper cover adopted the whole stretch forming, it is more stronger than general welding fabrication, and avoided rusting in connectors from welding.

3. Upper cover edge adopted the flanging forming process, which makes the upper cover more strong and durable, same time avoid the harming to users when they throwing litters into the bin.

4. The body adopted decomposition pressure molding process, the surface board suppression of stiffener, appearance looks more steady.
5. Throwing signs anti-UV, wear-resisting, Laminated print logo, color is bright and
With longer use-life, the fate is 6.3% in 10 years, the service time long for 15 to 20 years.

6. The lower leg the whole to suppress, it is a outer touching, avoid to wet ground directly, which help the product service longer.
7. Rotating handle and axes make it easy to turn the box, and convenient for cleaning.
8. The edge of inner bin is extra widened and touches the out box seamlessly, to keep the objects free of falling into the gap.

9. Big volume of the bin: The dimensions of the box are well utilized by scientific designed, the inner bin volume reaches 72L, it is 1/3 larger than general inner bin.
 10. Inner bin acid & alkali corrosion prevention performance: Inner bin adopted LLDPE injection moulding, acid and alkali corrosion resistance is several times higher than any other of galvanized steel. Due to the corrosive liquid cannot penetrate inside the barrel, also can protect the main body from corrosion.
11.Inflaming retarding of the bin: Flame retardant added in the material can help the bin not burning with fire of the rubbish.(except the heavy fire).
***Spraying technology: The trash can processed by sandblasting, deoiling, derusting,
Outdoor powder electrostatic spraying.
***Product performance: Color and luster is bright beautiful, with moistureproof, anticorrosion, moth-proofing, anti-rust, high temperature resistant, easy cleaning,Etc.
***Applied range: Schools, city streets, parks, scenic spots, community, plaza and other public areas.
***Installation: The garbage bin installed by strong screws, it should be installed on cement ground.

Factory profile:

USA Happy Island Group-
Guangzhou Childhood Dream Recreation Equipment

Small workshop: 1983
Factory established year: 1991 ( 1998 began exporting )
Group established Year: 2004
Factory area: 50,000 square meter
Production line: 15
Employees: 350
Group teams: production & related depts., Research & Design dept. Engineering dept., Domestic sales, Overseas sales, customer service, Financial dept.,  Human source & Administrative dept. etc.
Produce Capacity: RMB200,000,000/year
Business type: home:35%; export:65%
Main products:
indoor playground equipment, outdoor playground equipment & outdoor fitness, water park equipment, amusement park electric toys and machines,
Kindergarten and pre-school equipment.
ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007;
WSCT, GS/TUV, SGS, CE, EN1176, EN1171, EN1177, Rosh, SASO, etc.
Quality and Reputation Double Protection Unit of China,
Observe Contracts & Keep Promise Unit
Chinese Brand-name & High-quality products
China Industry Leading Brand
The 1st brand & the most influential Brand of China Infant amusement products
China Top 10 Brand
China's Famous Brand
Famous Chinese Trademark
Chinese Brand-name & High-quality products,
Guangdong Province Famous Brand, etc.


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