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As a professional playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, we were specializing in outdoor playground equipment series products since 1980, it is an experienced professional park equipment, kids playground structures equipment and school equipment factory.

Customers from more than 120 countries. And customers purchase frequently once a quatar or  and business began flourishing (the profit increasing reach 10%) since they placed orders with happy island-Childhood dream.
The factory from a small workshop with a few workers now developed to a plant located 50,000 square meters floor with more than 350 employees, 10 departments, 20 production lines.

We provided Successful cases in France, England, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, America, Australia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijian, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, ect. countries.
Our management and managers have to accept professional training of the outdoor playground sets for kids, park playground and recreation equipment management system, psychology, skills, and capability every year; Every employee has to accept induction training; We improve our technology and production capacity routinely of the commercial play structures for children, as well as outdoor fitness, ect. Product.
Professional team offers technical support Provide all-around after-sale service.
We provide our customers high quality product with humanity and attractive designs which passed the tests and obtained certificates CE, GS/TUV, SGS, EN1171, EN1176, EN1177, etc., which are  from international standard organizations. We check our cost every year try to provide our customers the most fair and reasonable price, our price is less around average 5% than the same quality products.
We can send our technicians to different countries to train and guide local workers for installation and maintenance.













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    How to make an unforgettable summer holiday?

    How can we spend a good time with kids in the holiday like the long summer holiday? Let's see...
  • HK-9400..jpg

    Water Park Playground Planing

    Over the years, the development of water parks in my country has been changing rapidly. There has been new growth in design concepts, investment scale, floor space, introduction of water park equipment, etc..
  • HK-10901..jpg

    Indoor Children's Water Parks

    The establishment of indoor children's water parks has become a global development trend. In order not to be affected by the seasonal climate, most investors build water parks and swimming pools indoors. Small indoor water parks and heated swimming pools are quite popular among the people.
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    Promotion For 2022 Children's Day

    Promotion for Children's Day on Kindergarten playground, family kids playground set, kids water house, water slide for kids, outdoor kids play.
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    Holiday for QingMing Festival_CNPLAYGROUND

    Qingming Festival, also known as Outing Festival, Xingqing Festival, March Festival, Ancestor Worship Festival, etc., falls between mid-spring and late-spring. The Qingming Festival originated from the ancestral beliefs and spring rituals in ancient times. It has two connotations of nature a
  • Hotel Playground Now-Powered Playground+8615989279205.jpg

    Non-Powered complex Playground Hotel Project

    The FoGang Shampoola Tourism & Holiday Forest HotelNon-Powered Complex Playground project has been successfully completed on July 25.This project integrates stainless steel slide, plastic slide, net climber, coffee house, large non-standard complex playground elephant, it provides a number of activ
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