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As a professional playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, we were specializing in outdoor playground equipment series products since 1980, it is an experienced professional park equipment, kids playground structures equipment and school equipment factory.

Customers from more than 120 countries. And customers purchase frequently once a quatar or  and business began flourishing (the profit increasing reach 10%) since they placed orders with happy island-Childhood dream.
The factory from a small workshop with a few workers now developed to a plant located 50,000 square meters floor with more than 350 employees, 10 departments, 20 production lines.

we provided Successful cases in France, England, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, America, Australia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijian, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, ect. countries.
Our top-class management and managers have to accept professional training of the outdoor playground sets for kids, park playground and recreation equipment management system, psychology, skills, and capability every year; Every employee has to accept induction training; We improve our technology and production capacity routinely of the commercial play structures for children, as well as outdoor fitness, ect. Product.
Professional team offers technical support Provide all-around after-sale service.
We provide our customers high quality product with humanity and attractive designs which passed the tests and obtained certificates CE, GS/TUV, SGS, EN1171, EN1176, EN1177, etc., which are  from international standard organizations. We check our cost every year try to provide our customers the most fair and reasonable price, our price is less around average 5% than the same quality products.
We can send our technicians to different countries to train and guide local workers for installation and maintenance.


















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    The Safe Service Life of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Everyone knows about outdoor fitness equipment. But few of them know that the fitness equipment has its own age. When the age is up, it needs to be replaced. Such as horizontal bar and parallel bars; because the trainer is higher in altitude during exercise, which has certain difficulty and difficul
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    Three Stations Luxury Fitness Equipment

    Outdoor sports equipment is suitable for placement in leisure parks, communities, schools, etc. We are committed to the essence of the national sports. The national sports are taken from the dolls, and the fitness equipment is used by men, women and children. There is no age limit, as long as it is
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    Parallel bars

    The simplest and most common outdoor fitness equipment is the parallel bars. Parallel bars are good for the stimulation of the pectoralis major, deltoid, and triceps, but it is easy to hurt yourself by using parallel bars. So be sure to warm up and make sure your parallel bars are correct. In additi
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    Do You Know The Importance of Kindergarten Environment to Children?

    Know what to see in the choice of kindergartens? We can sum up: first, look at the environment; second, see education; and third, see the teacher. Education and teachers are not strange to everyone. When they are chosen, they are often the most important factors. But the school environment is often
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    What Is the History of The Blackboard?

    Today chalkboard still is an essential part of the education field, and it has a wide use for different people, so let’s talk about the history of blackboard. Blackboards have play a role in educational for centuries. And now it has a long history that most of people easily to recognize.
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    Playground Equipment Design Plans

    4 Playground Equipment Design Plans Playground equipment and how it is placed is important in terms of safety, age appropriateness and involvement. A well designed playground playsets will stimulate children to interact, play and learn.
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