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In recent years, the children's inflatable castle industry has developed rapidly. More and more investors have begun to join the ranks and start investing in the inflatable castle project. So where are the children's inflatable castles suitable for? First of all, we see the most places where the inf



What is a Bounce Castle?

A bounce castle is an inflatable structure that is often seen at children’s birthday parties, county fairs and various festivals. These structures are very popular with children (and with some adults too), and were first developed in the late 1950s.The early inflatable playground was meant to reprod



What Is An Inflatable Jumper?

Inflatable jumpers or bouncing houses are used for children's parties, carnivals and other activities. They are used in conjunction with blowers, and blowers provide continuous air flow for bounce chambers. They can accommodate adults and children, and have various styles and sizes.



What is an inflatable bounce house?

The inflatable bounce houses are large plastic structure, filled with cold air, used for simple entertainment fun. Much of the fun is due to the floor of the jumping house, which is also full of air and can safely jump and jump for several hours. Although inflatable jumping houses are usually consi



Daily Maintenance for Large Inflatable Bouncers

For the operators who have just started to operate the bouncy castle, the children’s inflatable castles can be seen everywhere in the square, supermarket entrance, park, community, playground, scenic spot, etc. The children inflatable bouncy castle is a kind of soft amusement equipment. Unexpectedly



Bouncy Castle

The bouncy castle is an inflatable play equipment that looks like a castle. It is also called: bouncing castle, children's castle, inflatable trampoline and so on. These toys are large in size and mainly appear in parks or shopping malls, such as naughty castles, entertainment towns, bouncy castles,

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