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Description of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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Fitness, as the name implies, is to make the body healthy. Fitness equipment refers to specialized equipment used to improve physical fitness and increase physical function, physical exercise, basic sports training, and general rehabilitation exercise. At present, in China, outdoor fitness equipment is commonly known as the national fitness path. More precisely and scientifically, it refers to the equipment and facilities installed outdoors for people to do fitness exercises. For example, in parks, squares and residential communities, and other outdoor venues installed in all kinds of fitness-type tai chi kneaders, waist twisters, space walkers, exercise machines, etc. Next, let's take a look at some outdoor gym instructions.

Here is the content list:

  • According to the function and complexity of use, we can divide outdoor fitness equipment into three categories.

  • Single-function fitness equipment is the main body of outdoor fitness equipment.

According to the function and complexity of use, we can divide outdoor fitness equipment into three categories.

At present, the outdoor physical equipment produced by domestic fitness equipment manufacturers can be described as a wide variety, complete functions, and classification, according to different standards, and there are different classification methods. According to the function and complexity of outdoor fitness equipment, we can divide it into three categories: the first category is multifunctional fitness equipment, also known as comprehensive trainers, joint fitness equipment, or multifunctional combination machine. It is several single trainers combined ingeniously and reasonably, for multiple people at the same time in a piece of fitness equipment for cyclical or selective exercise. This kind of fitness equipment is larger and more functional. Such as ten comprehensive trainers, thirteen comprehensive trainers, thirteen war comprehensive trainers, etc. The second category is single-function fitness equipment, mostly special training equipment, compact structure, covering an area of about one square meter. Its function is relatively single, focusing mainly on the exercise of local muscle groups. Common equipment is a sit-up board, rowing machine, stretching waist and back, spacewalker, leg press, and healthy riding machine. The third category is simple fitness equipment, which is relatively simple, using the weight of the equipment itself as a load of a device. Suitable for people of different ages, genders, and physiques to practice, and can make the whole body muscle get exercise. This type of equipment mainly includes dumbbells, crank barbells, weightlifters, and arm strength trainers.

Single-function fitness equipment is the main body of outdoor fitness equipment.

The common outdoor fitness equipment survey found that single-function fitness equipment accounted for the majority of outdoor work out, and is the main outdoor fitness equipment. The reason for this situation is the characteristics of single-function fitness equipment, which are mostly special training equipment, small and solid structures, occupying about one square meter of land, suitable for placement. And its function is relatively single, mainly focusing on the local muscle group exercise, more targeted. The cost is not too high, and easy to configure. The multifunctional fitness equipment is huge and expensive. Simple fitness equipment is not easy to keep in the outdoor area because of its small size, and it cannot become the main body. In addition, through the survey, we understood the demand of the potential groups of fitness sports and the development direction of the product and formed a preliminary humanized design idea of outdoor fitness equipment, which provided a reliable basis for future research.

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