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Mini-lift aircraft is a kind of amusement equipment which rotates around the center of vertical axis and lifts freely. The plane revolves around the central rocket and gradually rises or falls, which is swing up and down and full of fun. Lifting planes not only has excellent performance and simple o



Coin-operated FRP Electric Toys

Coin-operated FRP electric toysFRP process:1. The production process is exquisite and sophisticated.2. Fiberglass reinforced plastics paint is exquisite, using automobile paint. Its wear resistance, high brightness, far superior to ordinary paint, bright and bright color, and will not discolor under exposure.



Maintenance of Amusement Equipment

Regular maintenance of amusement equipment requires the best coordination of safety, reliability and economy of the equipment. The periodic maintenance of amusement equipments are summarized in the next periodic maintenance besides the follow-up inspection in the daily check-up management. On this b



Regular Maintenance of Amusement Equipment

Regular maintenance of amusement equipment is based on the principle of preventive maintenance, according to the condition of amusement playground equipment and the results of inspection, to determine the maintenance cycle and items of amusement equipments.



Small Rotating Plane

Rotating small planes, also known as music small swing planes, lifting small planes, small children's planes chair, etc., can be divided into four-arm rotary aircraft and six-arm rotary aircraft according to the number of aircraft. According to the occupant, it is called eight rotating small aircraf



How To Keep People Effectively?

Nowadays, amusement parks have become the “carnival” of people. Everyone knows that, especially on holidays, amusement parks attract a large number of tourists. But not all children amusement parks are full of popularity, so how to make your amusement park have more tourists? How to make kids amusem

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