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Plastic trash can is a product that used in many industries such as cleaning and sanitation, bringing cleanliness, hygiene and environmental protection to cities, community health, and various public places. It is an ubiquitous environmental protection product in real life, and it is indispensable f



FRP Trash Can

Trash bins play an important role in the living environment. There are trash cans in every corner of the society. They are silently filled with people's domestic garbage. They can't help but bear a lot of weight. The test of wind and rain, the contribution of the trash can is absolutely indispensabl



What Is Different Kinds of Naughty Castle?

Children's naughty castle is more and more popular with modern children. The colorful naughty castle is designed with the characteristics of children like drilling, climbing, sliding, jumping, climbing, rolling and shaking, which has a kind of inexplicable attraction for children. In order to cater



What Is Naughty Castle?

Naughty castle equipment is also known as the children's playground. It refers to a new generation of children's activity center that integrates the functions of amusement, sports, puzzle and fitness through a three-dimensional combination of science. Naughty indoor playground is designed according



Rubber Mat Installation Instructions

Rubber floor mat is very useful for many families. It can not only keep warm but also decorate the ground. But how is the rubber floor mat constructed? What are the precautions?



Good News for New Chapter

The new branch office of Happy Island Group started operation at Panyu district, Guangzhou yesterday! We design and manufacture children playground, fitness equipments, indoor playground, water park and other facilities and amusement products which are provided professionally to kindergarten, reside

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