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Outdoor fitness equipment's Future and Prospects

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More and more people today are interested in fitness to enhance their health and fitness. However, fitness does not have to go to the gym to be effective, good outdoor fitness equipment will allow you to achieve the purpose of fitness without spending money. Outdoor fitness equipment can be found everywhere in our daily life, it has been integrated into our lives and become a part of our daily routine. Let's take a look at the prospects and outlook of outdoor work out. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Outdoor fitness equipment products have a broad development prospect.

  • What is the standard outlook for outdoor fitness equipment?

Outdoor fitness equipment products have a broad development prospect.

Along with the implementation of the "National Fitness Plan", especially the success of China's 2008 Beijing Olympic bid, the mass fitness movement is at an all-time high, and outdoor fitness sports attract thousands of people with their unique charm. As people pay more attention to fitness sports, the demand for fitness is becoming more and more widespread, and the demand for diversification of fitness needs is increasing dramatically, it can be predicted that the output value of outdoor fitness equipment products will continue to grow. Of course, while we see that outdoor fitness equipment products have a broad development prospect, we also need to see the crisis and challenges it faces. Some well-known foreign fitness equipment manufacturers see the huge potential of the development of China's outdoor fitness equipment market and began to invest independently or cooperate with domestic enterprises to produce fitness equipment, this development is a reminder that the main product of outdoor exercise equipment companies must plan. Meanwhile, the rapid development of modern science and technology has greatly promoted a change in people's lifestyles. While it has brought mankind an unprecedentedly wide living space and superior living conditions, it has also created a huge gray health group. The best way to solve this problem is to mobilize and encourage people to actively participate in physical fitness activities.

What is the standard outlook for outdoor fitness equipment?

Due to the policy guidance, outdoor physical equipment in China has a long-term development, and with the upgrading of products, the standards are also advancing with the times. Compared with traditional fitness equipment, second-generation fitness equipment has information functions, such as recording the user's exercise time, and the number of exercises, and converting the calorie consumption. Due to the addition of electrical components, the second-generation fitness equipment standard also includes the first IP protection, high and low-temperature resistance, and other electrical safety requirements. It is worth noting that in the new standard requirements of the design principles, adding the description of the scientific nature of the movement, and requiring the equipment should be consistent with the laws of human movement. In a walking machine, for example, when the equipment on one side of the pendulum joins the counting sensor, the other side should be matched to change. Otherwise, the resistance is not the same will lead to a walking machine with two swing arms natural state cannot be synchronized swing, which will have the user's muscles to exercise deformation and hidden danger. In the design of outdoor fitness equipment, the first thing to follow is the principle of comfort, the user's differences, and the size of the design equipment should take into account. As far as possible to meet the size of human movement, to avoid muscle strains caused by an excessive range of motion. In addition, the principle of human comfort also lies in the choice of accessories. Such as rubber gloves, and wooden seat boards, whether in the hot summer or cold winter, which are stronger than the bare metal handle and metal seats. A cushioned backrest can protect the physiological curvature of the human spine, then a hard metal backrest to avoid strains and other injuries. Therefore, with the development of the humanization of the product, the standard should also be adjusted and standardized accordingly. The direction of development of outdoor standards in addition to the requirements for safe use will gradually focus on the science of exercise itself, and the scientific nature of the equipment itself to regulate the exercise.

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