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The Concept And Safety Principle of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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With the continuous improvement of our national economic level, people's quality of life has been greatly improved. After the problem of food and clothing is solved, more and more people begin to care about their health, and a wave of national fitness boom has been set off in our society. To meet people's fitness needs, many regions have installed a large number of outdoor gyms in squares, communities, small areas, and other places, so that people can use this equipment to exercise and strengthen their bodies in outdoor activities. Next, let's take a look at the concept of outdoor fitness equipment and its safety principles. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The concept of outdoor fitness equipment.

  • The safety principle of outdoor fitness equipment.

The concept of outdoor fitness equipment.

Fitness equipment in China was developed in the late 1980s, and with the victory of China's Olympic bid, the fitness equipment industry was provided with very favorable conditions for development. The implementation of the national fitness program has also led to the expansion of fitness teams. Both have brought a unique development basis for the market of fitness equipment. At the same time also affect the general public's attention to community fitness. Community fitness mainly refers to the use of outdoor physical equipment by the user residents to exercise to achieve the purpose of physical fitness. Outdoor fitness equipment assists the user in exercise so that the exercise process becomes safer, more effective, and more efficient.

The safety principle of outdoor fitness equipment.

The safety of outdoor fitness equipment design means that in addition to protecting the function of the fitness equipment itself, it is more important to ensure the safe use of the fitness equipment. That is, the use of fitness equipment in the process of failure or by the influence of external forces, resulting in abnormal use, or the human body parts of the accidental abnormal contact can protect the use of the environment, equipment, and personal injury. This principle requires the design of outdoor work out, i.e., structural design safety, no hidden dangers; material safety, conducive to environmental protection; process safety, no harm to the human body; equipment size safety, and so on. The safety principle is put in the first place because the purpose of the exercise equipment is to obtain health, if the fitness equipment itself will hurt the health of the gym, it will lose its meaning of existence. Therefore, the safety principle is the first and most basic condition of fitness equipment design, which is to meet the safety requirements of exercisers in the use of fitness equipment. It is mainly for the normal use of fitness equipment, and the body parts for safety protection. Some unsafe factors may be very small, due to the designer did not put forward strict requirements, or the manufacturing process being rough and did not carry out a rigorous inspection so that the fitness equipment in the use of fitness feels uncomfortable or hurt. For example, the grip part of the fitness equipment has burrs, sharp edges, sharp corners, narrow protrusions, etc., use of fitness, may cut the fingers, and crush the palm; some handles are too slippery, and the use likely to cause injury due to "off-hand"; or the body part is too flexible, beyond the scope of human coordination. These unsafe factors are easy to ignore, but also can be eliminated. This requires more consideration in the design and more effort. In short, the design of each fitness equipment must consider the safety design, which is the most important part of the design of outdoor fitness equipment that cannot be neglected.

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