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Outdoor playground equipment's daily overhaul requirements

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The daily overhaul of outdoor games is crucial, in terms of daily inspection must pay attention to the rigor and operability of the data, generally speaking, large equipment needs to be inspected regularly and finely. At the same time, all the inspection operations are recorded in the form of a form, and different methods of maintenance should be chosen according to the type of machinery. So what are the requirements for the daily maintenance of efficient and professional outdoor playground equipment? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Accumulation of problems, failure data

  • Summarize the analysis methods of problems and failures

Accumulation of problems, failure data

The industry has not yet formed a large enough database of problems used to guide the same type of problems promptly and put forward highly targeted preventive maintenance measures. General ERP software has not yet been applied to the technical management of customized outdoor play complexes, and most of them are still managed in the form of rough fault records and archiving. The current equipment quantity of Cultural Tourism Group has initially reached a certain scale. To better control the database and establish a good interaction with the operation and protection of the park, equipment problems, and equipment failures are defined, and the outdoor playground equipment problems are in the process of daily inspection and maintenance of equipment. And the state of hidden dangers found in equipment inspection analysis and evaluation, including inspection, daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection, and the special inspection found in the hidden problems belong to the category of inspection problems.

Summarize the analysis methods of problems and failures

Professionally designed outdoor playground equipment refine the content of inspection problems: through the inspection problems for the type of problem, type of inspection, problem areas, problem causes classification, and analysis. and the type of problems that account for a relatively high number of targeted preventive maintenance measures to reduce the chances of failure, from multiple dimensions of various types of problems to compare, summarize the characteristics, to guide the custom Amusement facilities specific work: such as the type of problem (divided into safety issues and non-safety issues), inspection type (divided into inspection, daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection, special inspection, etc.), problem areas (divided into the main structure, passenger facilities, safety protection devices, operating tables and power distribution cabinets, power devices, supporting facilities, and the surrounding environment, etc.). For custom amusement facilities failure, combined with typical failure analysis methods and equipment failure modes, the causes of failure are divided into two major categories, namely: electrical types (divided into wiring and components, external power supply, control systems, etc.).

The maintenance of outdoor playground equipment must assess the risk of failure, closely refer to the correlation of failures, and find out whether there are related factors for failures. At the same time, take certain precautionary measures to eliminate similar faults and risks. For outdoor playground equipment repair overhaul the frequency and number of repairs of the same parts should be recorded, and if the number of repairs is too many, it is recommended to replace the parts with new ones.

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