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These are related to the play equipment news, in which you can learn about the updated information in play equipment, to help you better understand and expand play equipment market. Because the market for play equipment is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Apr
    Water Park Playground Planing
    Over the years, the development of water parks in my country has been changing rapidly. There has been new growth in design concepts, investment scale, floor space, introduction of water park equipment, etc..
  • Mar
    What Are The Benefits Of Trampoline For Children?
  • Dec
    Happy New Year! According to the national holiday New Year, we will take a day off on January 1, 2021 (tomorrow). If there is any arrangement and reply is not timely, please understand it, thanks! If you have any urgent matters, please call Spring (0086 15989279205) freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you!
  • Dec
    Outdoor Equipment With Varied Shapes
    With the changes in fashion trends, the design of our products also gradually keep up with the rhythm, in order to design in line with modern aesthetics.At present, the main customer groups of children's amusement equipment are young consumers, and the new generation of young people in the 21st century controls the trend.
  • Sep
    Holiday Notice
    Respected customers The China National Day is coming. According to the regulations of national statutory holidays, the relevant holidays are announced as follows: The 2020 National Day holiday is arranged as follows: from October 1st to 8th (Total: 8 days). Resume normal work from October 9th.
  • Jul
    Requirements for Slide Guardrails
    Slide playground is one of the most popular playing equipment for children. Therefore, the safety of the slide is very important. The following are the design requirements of slide fences: 1. Children's slides should be fenced to prevent children from climbing, crossing and falling. The fence should
  • Jul
    Introduction of Large Combination Slide
    Large-scale combination slide is very suitable for energetic occasions, such as parks, residential areas, supermarkets, restaurants, kindergartens and other children's playgrounds. The structure of amusement facilities is safe and durable. The ingenious design, harmonious color and ingenious combina
  • Mar
    Regular Maintenance of Amusement Equipment
    Regular maintenance of amusement equipment is based on the principle of preventive maintenance, according to the condition of amusement playground equipment and the results of inspection, to determine the maintenance cycle and items of amusement equipments.
  • Jan
    Rotating Flying Chair
    A rotating aircraft, also called a rotating flying chair, refers to a play equipment that rotates around a fixed center column or can move up and down. And this concept includes flying chairs, luxury flying chairs, rotating aircraft, small aircraft, aerial rotating flying chairs, rotating lifting sm
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