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Water Park Playground Planing

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Over the years, the development of water parks in my country has been changing rapidly. There has been new growth in design concepts, investment scale, floor space, introduction of water park equipment, etc.. And a number of water parks with international advanced level have emerged, which have been praised by the International Association of amusement parks and scenic spots.


Site selection and scale

The current water parks in my country are mainly outdoor water parks, which are used by tourists to play and consume in summer. The peak consumption is mainly in July and August. The location and scale of the water park are determined by the local achievable passenger flow, convenient transportation conditions, consumption level and its own management team. It must not be simply imitated and blindly invested.


Device Configuration

The configuration of water park equipment has also undergone major changes in recent years, with fewer and fewer body contact slides, and more tend to be a combination of large-scale compound sports water slides. At the same time, more consideration should be given to the family consumer groups in the equipment configuration of the water park, and more family amusement facilities suitable for all ages should be configured to avoid equipment accumulation and leave sufficient space for secondary development. Water parks can try new breakthroughs, such as water amusement equipment that can be operated all year round, and equipment that combines marine life or land equipment.


Water park design

The water park design must ensure completeness and accuracy. One of the biggest differences between water parks and other theme parks is that the system equipment to ensure the normal operation of water amusement equipment is hidden underground. The design must fully consider the pipe network system, water supply and drainage system of the entire park, the water supply electromechanical control system of each equipment, the water treatment system, the design of each machine room, the design of each sink, and the coordinate size of each equipment foundation. The mutual position should be clear. Reasonably allocate tourist routes, set up corresponding shopping, dining, rest, and public facilities.


Comply with civil codes

The water park’s pools, machine room pipe trenches, equipment foundations, etc. must comply with the civil engineering specifications during the construction process, and do not operate in violation of regulations in order to catch up with the construction period. At present, the most controversial issues in water parks are: What is the best material for the bottom of the wave pool and sink pool? What material is the most non-slip for water park roads? These issues must be based on civil engineering codes. Most of the foundation sinking, pipe fractures, and falling off of the pool surface decoration in the water park are caused by the rush to the construction period. Therefore, the construction party must respect science and implement standard construction.


Pay attention to water treatment facilities

At present, the water quality of most domestic water parks has gradually become turbid after more tourists during the peak season. Water treatment is composed of circulation-purification and filtration-disinfection-monitoring and other systems.


Traditionally designed water parks only need swimming pools + water slides combined to water parks. In addition to the above-mentioned functions and facilities, modern water parks must also include elegant garden views, interesting water amusement facilities, and climbing. Climbing steel frame, lighting speakers... In addition to the above main functions, other auxiliary facilities, such as: catering, changing equipment, security systems, and charging modes, have improved the operation of the entire water park to a new level.

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