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FRP Trash Can

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Trash bins play an important role in the living environment. There are trash cans in every corner of the society. They are silently filled with people's domestic garbage. They can't help but bear a lot of weight. The test of wind and rain, the contribution of the trash can is absolutely indispensable to the construction of society.


In the past, common trash cans were usually made of plastic or pig iron or stainless steel. Plastic trash cans are easy to discolor and flammable. Many trash cans are burned with cigarette butts, and iron trash cans will rust over time. It is not easy to clean, and it is not durable. It also affects the appearance. Although stainless steel trash cans are relatively rare, they are not the best material for making trash cans.


So, what is the best material to make a trash can? That's FRP. With the rapid development of FRP, products are more and more popular, because FRP has many features, the following briefly introduces the performance.


FRP is a polymer composite material (Fiberglass Reinforcde Plastics). The garbage collection container made with this material is a FRP trash can. Glass fiber reinforced plastic materials should be used in the fields of national defense, aerospace, and aeronautics as early as possible. With the advancement of science and technology, they have gradually been widely used in the civilian product market.


FRP is made of high-quality glass fiber and imported resin. It has high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, no deformation under the sun exposure, UV resistance, easy cleaning, convenient operation, large collection capacity of the peel box, and durable long service life. ,Clean, beautiful, eye-catching and non-fading. One-shot molding using a mold. It has good air tightness and does not pollute the environment. Some are galvanized steel liners.


The trash can is made of FRP material, and the surface is coated with a gel coat layer that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and anti-aging. FRP is an environmentally friendly material. It is light in weight, easy to process, bright in color, multi-colored, practical and beautiful, but also moisture-proof, moth-proof, and more resistant to corrosion. It naturally has a longer service life and a low price. "Changing the dynasties" is a good choice for trash can, which is well recognized by the markets in various places.

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