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Waist Twister Machine

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Outdoor fitness equipment is widely used in urban construction, and gradually planned into parks, residential areas and other public leisure areas, which provides fitness channels for leisure and entertainment to the general public.


Waist twisters is also called waist turning device, which can be divided into single waist twister, double unit waist twisting machine, and three unit waist twisting device. Among them, the three person waist twisting machine is the most popular because of its good quality and low price. It is a kind of common community fitness equipment.


The waist twisting device can enhance the strength of the waist and abdomen, and move the muscles, joints and ligaments of the back. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, a large range of waist turning activities can dredge meridians and collaterals, promote the smooth flow of blood, and strengthen the waist and kidney. Then, when exercising, stand on the waist twisting device, separate your feet to shoulder width by gently moving one foot, hands holding the armrest, upper body slightly forward to maintain stability. Contraction of the waist and abdomen muscles, through the hands fixed on the upper body produced by the resistance, so that the lower limb left and right rotation. The upper body should always be straight when turning the waist, and the lower abdomen should be as tight as possible. The waist twisting exercise belongs to muscle endurance exercise, which is inclined to aerobic and flexibility training, and should adopt lower intensity. This instrument is simple to operate, but if not exercised properly, it will cause lumbar muscle ligament sprain and even lead to lumbar disc protrusion. Therefore, during exercising, should pay special attention to the emphasis on large amplitude, slow speed of the waist, strictly prohibited to carry the inertia of twisting. In addition, if abdominal pain occurs during exercise, you can slow down the pace or reduce the amplitude. If the symptoms are serious, you should stop exercise.


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