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Unpowered Amusement Equipment

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Unpowered amusement equipment is liked by major investors and children. Unpowered amusement equipment has various shapes, which can meet children's various needs such as climbing, running and jumping. Moreover, because the maintenance cost of unpowered amusement equipment is low, and the size of the venue is not restricted, various equipment combinations can be arranged according to their own needs, and they can be flexibly placed in various places.


For the safety of children, our unpowered amusement facility materials are non-toxic, chemical-free, and the equipment does not have sharp edges. The components are tightly connected, and the joints must have protective measures to prevent jamming or scratching of children. At the same time, before children enter the playground to play, check whether there are ropes on the children's clothing and remind them to pay attention to safety.


Unpowered amusement equipment with strong comprehensive entertainment will make children linger and play endlessly. Because children are full of curiosity about everything in the world, they often create new ways to play with amusement play equipment unexpectedly.


Comprehensive entertainment equipment can meet the needs of all ages. Amusement equipment needs to be differentiated by age, different children have different concepts of play, and children's abilities are also different, so there must be differentiation. Young children can play with simple toys. We can increase the difficulty appropriately for older children to increase the child's desire for exploration and adventure.


Unpowered equipments can allow children to develop their bodies. Children can learn the basic concepts of objects: size, thickness, weight, color, balance, etc. through entertainment equipment. At the same time, they can cultivate children's aesthetics. At the same time, children need to be accompanied by their parents when they are playing, so that parents can ensure the safety of the children and at the same time enhance the parent-child relationship between each other. Parents can also teach their children the corresponding knowledge.


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