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Ten advantages of rubber floor mat


Ten advantages of rubber floor mat

rubber floor mat

1. Versatility: basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, gymnastics, gymnasium, indoor soccer field, roller hockey, handball, kindergarten, entertainment plaza, playroom, park, and elderly activities. Cement or asphalt can be applied to lay the ground.
2. Convenience: fast installation, easy maintenance, the installation of the floor between the male button buckle convergence, in order to make the installation of the two adjacent blocks with close, the installation can be used rubber hammer percussion floor joints, without glue and Any nail, usually four people less than three hours to complete the site pavement and Qi, usually only need to rinse outdoors with water, indoor mop cleaning, maintenance costs are low.
playground floor mat

3. Environmental protection: This product is mainly used environmentally friendly materials polypropylene (PP) non-toxic, tasteless, non-parasitic bacteria, green, PP material is food-grade materials, safety and health.
4. Health: unique patented design (bottom support column support, arch drainage slot, the edge of the male button buckle convergence), a good vertical shock absorption and energy return, lateral cushioning, anti-skid, anti-sports injury, limited Protect the movement of sports safety.
rubber tile

5. Comfort: the latest wear-resistant layer design, so that shoes close to the ground moment, put the slide and can be arbitrary to pass a strong sports power, the floor surface with a special treatment, consistent with the brightness of light, no light absorption and glare dazzling, Of the protection of athletes eyes, not easy to produce fatigue, low heat reflection, non-absorbent, no moisture, do not produce stagnant smell.
6. Durability: This product all the raw materials polypropylene (PP) for the high-strength materials, with anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation, cold and other raw materials modified polypropylene, the product has pressure, impact resistance, Low temperature, long life and other advantages, high weather resistance, not afraid of the sun high temperature, rain and humidity, snow and ice cold, never warping peeling deformation, no climate regional restrictions, the site is not water after the rain.
7. Sports performance: the ball rebound rate of 95%, sliding friction coefficient of 0.52 (National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Report data)
playground mat

8. Use restrictions: all-weather, no climate regional restrictions, indoor and outdoor can be used.
9. Cost-effective: floating assembly of sports flooring which is currently the most cost-effective among similar products, the use of the product investment (basic do not need to re-do the foundation), low maintenance costs, high-grade, quick, (pavement line can be completed Use), is all kinds of sports venues laying the best choice. The initial construction cost +0 maintenance fee (only rinse with water, without any negative effect.) Service life of up to 10 years, do not fade deformation, the use of paint for the paint line with polypropylene surface layer of special paint, do not fall off.
10. Good mobility: can be dismantled and assembled several times.